Stifling defense, Tyreek Hill lead Dolphins to season-opening victory over Patriots

Mike McDaniel stood behind a lectern, wearing lightly-worn white Air Force 1’s, gray joggers and a rose-gold watch on his left wrist.

In the beginning of what many hope is a prosperous run under the 39-year-old first-time head coach, the Dolphins left Hard Rock Stadium with a 20-7 win over the Patriots on Sunday.

“It was a very cool moment, against my wishes,” McDaniel said about the postgame celebration of his first career victory. 

 “They just showered me in Gatorade and made it about me, which I know for a fact it’s not. But, the team celebrating and just being happy for the direction that we’re going in, that’s why you get into team sports.

“I can also tell it was a good, exciting celebration because it wasn’t like a satisfied celebration and we’re happy that we got it done.

 I think a lot of guys feel like the Miami Dolphins fan base and the organization deserved to win. But, there was a lot of frustration, including me, on things that in the game we really left out there.”

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