New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Prediction, Game Preview

It might have melted down in the playoff loss to Buffalo after getting ripped up by Miami in the regular season finale, but it’s still going to be fine up front.

The Dolphins have a whole slew of great parts, but the offensive line isn’t good enough to hold up even after a slew of new parts brought in this offseason. 

Good luck slowing down the deep threat tandem of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle no matter who your defensive backs are, but New England has question marks in the secondary on the outside.

Get up early, and there’s a problem against a New England offense that – to be nice about it – struggled this offseason to find its footing.

The Miami defense might not be special, but it’ll be good enough to keep the Patriot receivers in check.

Does it seem a wee bit like Bill Belichick has something he’s waiting to unleash with this attack? It was too mediocre, too inefficient, and too off throughout the preseason, or …

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