How the Patriots offense graded in clunker vs. Dolphins (report cards)

The first live performance of the New England Patriots’ reworked offense didn’t result in many fireworks. It was more akin to waving around some sparklers aimlessly before randomly firing off a Roman candle at the end of the night to provide a little excitement.

Matt Patricia made the calls and Mac Jones made some adjustments. However, the offensive line made points hard to come by, and the receivers struggled to make big plays.

With that said, the Patriots managed to move the ball, averaging 5.0 yards per play (compared to 5.2 for the Dolphins). New England just fell apart at the worst times.

As for the defense, there was plenty to like as it held Miami’s offense to just 13 points (with the Dolphins defense scoring the other seven).

So what went wrong? Let’s hand out some grades and figure it out following the Patriots’ 20-7 loss to the Dolphins in Week 1:

Looking at the numbers, this wasn’t a terrible game for Jones. He accounted for two turnovers but had some bad breaks there.

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