Cairo Santos takes blame after Bears are penalized for using a towel to dry the field

Bears kicker Cairo Santos has made his feelings known about the quality of the playing surface at Soldier Field

As Santos was lining up for a field goal, the Bears got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for using a towel to dry off the part of the field where Santos would plant his foot

“You’re allowed to use a towel to dry your hands and I just wanted to flatten the spot, so I just grabbed his towel and did it myself,” Santos said, via the Daily Herald.

It was a costly 15-yard penalty that pushed the Bears out of field goal range, but referee Clay Martin stood by it after the game.

“You cannot bring what we consider a foreign object — this was not a towel that would go on a uniform — out to alter the playing surface,” Martin said. “We felt that provided an unfair advantage.”

Santos never did attempt a field goal in the game, and he struggled in the wet conditions, missing two of his three extra point attempts.

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